Timeless Wings draws upon the rich and exhilarating history of aviation to design flying scale models which are a bit out of the ordinary - aircraft that are seldom modelled or unusual in some way. We also like to provide a new slant on old favourites.

Our traditional wood kit of the CASA C-101 Aviojet has been upgraded using 3D printed plugs for the vacuum-formed canopy and ducting. 

An exciting new development that 3D printing offers is the ability to design model components (or even complete aircraft) that can be printed on inexpensive home printers. For the past few years we have been exploring new aircraft designs, using 3D home printing in varying degrees. The results have been extremely promising. New techniques and uses for 3DP have been explored, and like any new technology, the learning curve has shown pitfalls as well as successes.

It has taken more time than originally anticipated to bring our 3DP designs to commercial status, as we want to release mature, well-tested structures that are simple and practical to print on a large number of common 3D printers.

We draw upon the following in-house experience:

  • Continuous aeromodelling involvement since the mid 1960s;
  • Commercial kit production since 2005;
  • Over 40 years of involvement in recreational, military and commercial aviation.

So your passion is our passion!