Timeless Wings




MILES SPARROWHAWK 52" span retro model

A note from the designer

Along with the MBB 209 Monsun, this model is a legacy design from the old "Graham's Electric Airport" website circa 2003, which is the precursor to Timeless Wings. The Sparrowhawk was originally designed for geared brushed ferrite motors with nicad cells, but now in 2019 continues to give great service with an AXI brushless motor on direct drive and 4s lipo cells.

The original plans have ended up on various websites over the years, but are presented here along with hitherto unseen photographs, the original construction notes and a new video shot this month which may assist anyone wishing to build this model in the future.

The links to the original posts on RCGroups can be found below:



Graham Reddin

September 2019


The CAD file for the original Sparrowhawk is available here in  DWG format, along with the original build instructions. There is also an additional DXF file for the windscreen, which was found to be of incorrect shape on the original plan. Please note, these are not updated to reflect current thinking, and relate to the model as built with 2003 technology, however will provide a good starting point for those who wish to adapt for contemporary propulsion systems...